Is this the turning point? Go for it, America!

The events in Charlottesville have caught a level of attention that’s almost surprising for American Media & Politics – at least if it comes to actions from the right (in whichever shape). Yet, what are you irritated about so suddenly?

When I went to High-School back in 1991 in Maryland, I attended a mostly African-American school. There were only very few „whites“ and most of them had been kicked out of every other school in the area before – usually for some kind of anti-social behavior. As they heard, some German kid arrived, they tried getting in touch with me – seemingly assuming, we’d become friends immediately. Easy to say, that didn’t go well for them as I decided „to tell who the wrong sort are for myself “. This was my first encounter with American Neo-Nazis but unfortunately not the last one and only my strong reaction made them to ignore me going forward – and maybe the fact the I made friends with a few football players who watched the whole scene… Weiterlesen „Is this the turning point? Go for it, America!“